Handheld 2-Cycles & Chainsaws

Handheld 2-cycle equipment and chain saws

When you're in the market for a piece of hand-held equipment that starts easily, is light, super dependable, has a great warranty, and has low maintenance, you're in the right place. At Trux Outfitter, you can find commercial and residential hand-held equipment that will serve your purpose and won't break the bank.

Stihl power tools, chain saws and accessories

Stihl is the number 1 brand of power tools sold in America and the number 1 brand of chain saws sold in the world.  Most are made right here in the USA.  We are proud to be a full line Stihl dealer and have been for 17 years.  The reasons you should choose Stihl products over mass merchandiser brands are many.  We are outdoor power equipment specialists. We service what we sell.  We provide operating and safety demonstrations. We complete your product registration at the time of sale.  Your purchase is assembled, serviced and operated while you complete the sale paperwork.  Any warranty work or service is done right at Trux Outfitter.  We have a large inventory of Stihl parts.  Our service staff is trained & capable.  We stock pretty much the entire line of Stihl products including Lithium Ion battery operated equipment, string trimmers & brushcutters, blowers & shredder vacs, Kombi systems, chain saws, hedge clippers, pole pruners, saw chains, oils & lubricant, protective gear, etc.

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Producing hand-held landscaping equipment for both the commercial and residential homeowner markets, Echo prides itself on setting the industry standard with its dedication to new technology, quality products and its strong distribution infrastructure.

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Red Max Commercial Grade Handheld 2-Cycle Power Equipment

Red Max has been producing handheld 2-stroke engines since 1963. Today, they are the leader in Strato-Charged 2-stroke engine technology resulting in fewer emissions, better fuel economy and increased power.  Red Max equipment is light and packed with features that prolong useful life, increase operator comfort and maximize performance. In commercial application, Red Max equipment truly stands out as an innovative leader.

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Jonsered chain saws

Jonsered chain saws are manufactured in Sweden and are among the world’s leading manufacturers of machinery for work in the forest.  Jonsered’s Ulticor saws are their most advanced and developed for full time professional use.  The quality and precision of Jonsered Ulticor saws provides maximum operating efficiency and durability.  They also have the best possible ergonomics and require minimal downtime for maintenance.  Jonsered’s clean power engine technology results in more efficient cutting, 20% less fuel consumption and 75% less emissions..  This all boils down to increased efficiency, improved operating economy and a healthier working environment.  Jonsered saws are noted for rapid acceleration, balanced raw power effective vibration dampening and excellent ergonomics. Each working day will be more productive.

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